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Occasionally Asked Questions and Other Stuff

Do you have your own studio?
Yes. It’s a nice studio with pretty much everything you could want in a studio. Like couches and coffee. And of course some very exotic lighting.

Could you shoot a car in your studio?
If you can fit it in the lift or crane it through the roof, I don’t see why not.[/one_third_first]

Did you go to photography school?
No, I went to Tawa College which is the next best thing. My woodwork teacher, a cabinetmaker named Lloyd Bishop – lovely fellow – told me that I should either be a photographer or a cabinetmaker. Cabinetmaking still awaits.

What’s your favourite photo?
That’s hard. One that I particularly like is the shot I took of the Taj Mahal. All I could think when I was looking at it was how could I take something in a way that hadn’t been done a thousand times before. Then I saw the kids playing cricket. I quite like that one.

If I need a job done fast, can you do it?
I’ve just emailed you the shots.

How do you get on with people?
I get on with most people pretty well and my clients seem to think so as well. [/one_third]

Get in touch
Studio: Level 3, 104-108 Dixon Street
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 385 4012
Mobile: +64 27 443 7301



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